About Me

Writing bio’s --- definitely not on the list of things I love to do.

What I do love, is being a mom! Even on those days when the kids turn into Gremlins, I still love them. And those days give me the perfect reason to lock myself in my room with a good book! – or in front of the computer to write a good book! 

I work part-time at an elementary school teaching keyboarding! Talk about awesome! There is something so fun about working with kids, and there is always LOADS of inspiration to go around. 

Aside from that, I am learning to be a farmer. My husband thinks I’m a “city girl” even though I grew up in the country. Apparently, if you don’t grow up on a farm then it doesn’t count. And after being married to him for 8 years, I have to agree. There is no life like a farmer’s life. I feel like a single mother most of the time – but there are lots of adventures to be had as a farmer and I like to share them from time to time.

On top of that I’m a writer! There are days it’s hard to squeeze in the time, but I love chasing a dream and I can’t wait to show my kids that hard work really does pay off! That you really can do whatever you set your mind too! 

You can also find me:

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