Monday, August 11, 2014

Productivity & Organization - Friends or Foes?

_0_ days spent writing.
_0_ words added to my MS.
_6_ days reading a good book. 
No writing for me this week. I was down after having a minor surgery so I tried to get caught up on some critique work! Critiquing can be such a fun job. I love reading new books that you know will be on the shelf some day, and you think to yourself... I read that before it was even published! Kind of a neat feeling. 
This week I will be finishing up the second book I'm critiquing, running to soccer games for another tournament, getting family pictures taken with my husbands side of the fam, doing homework, running around fundraiser items, going to cheer and gymnastics lessons, and writing! My goal is to write at least one day this week cause it's a pretty jam packed week.

What I'm working on right now is becoming productive! In order to do that, I have to get myself ORGANIZED!!! I feel like this entire summer has been CHAOS! It's horrible! I am really looking forward to the kids going back to school because it will give me time to accomplish some things. However, I can't blame it all on them. Productivity is still possible when the kids are home... especially if you organize your time! 

A few tips for improved productivity:
  1. Make a schedule
  2. Declutter
  3. Set goals
  4. Reward yourself
  5. Use your time wisely - even moments spent at gymnastics practice and cheer can be spent writing!
  6. Be flexible - if something pops up, don't let it get you down. Roll with it, then get back on track.
What are you working on this week? What are some tips or ideas that help you be more productive?

Monday, August 4, 2014

Following Dreams...

_2_ days spent writing. This is moving up for me!
_1941_ words added to my MS. Not too shabby. I won't complain.
_3_ moments of euphoria. Not only did I find time to write but I finished finals for my class and got to throw my daughter a princess birthday party. Whoot!
_0_ moment of frustration.
_3_ days reading a good book. LOVE my reading time! Have you ever noticed how reading good books not only helps you write better, but it's motivating! I love that!

What a week this has been. I finished up finals for my class, found a little spare time to write, time to read a bit, and I even watched a movie. Mostly, I put together a princess party for my little one. It was fantastic. Elsa and Anna came from Arendelle just for us! What could be better? It was absolutely magical.
Today, I get to spend celebrating my daughters "actual" birthday, not just her party. It will be an interesting day, but probably wonderful too. Kids are fantastic. Our plan was to go swimming, but I don't think the weather will be cooperating, so we'll see what Plan B ends up being.

I finally took time to watch the movie, Noah. Worst.Movie.EVER! Okay, maybe not ever, but it was pretty bad. I tried to ignore the bad reviews because I thought it really had potential. The storyline was awful. I highly recommend you don't waste your time. You won't like Noah, and you won't like the story. I won't say it didn't have a couple good moments, but it's not worth it at all. I swear, when the movie ended, my jaw hung open as I tried to comprehend how ridiculous and horrible the movie was.

In other news... I have a new job! I turned in my notice at the school, and I'm now doing books for our farm. I did this before, but they are putting more responsibility on me and I will be working from home and doubling up on some of my school classes. This was an extremely difficult decision for me. I love my job at the elementary school. I love teaching and working with students. But, when I finally complete my degree I'll have a full time job with benefits and my own "official" classroom! Dreams, right! This is one of mine and working from home will help me accomplish it faster. Also, it helps that I will have more time with my kiddos and should find more time to write. Then I might be able to accomplish another dream... publishing a novel!

So HIP HIP HOORAY for having dreams and the hard work and sacrifice it takes to make them a reality!