Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WINNER! And the Benefits of Writing Conferences!

WOW! How time flies. I first need apologize for being MIA the past two weeks. I was doing so well with my 'once a week' posts! But now I should be back on track!

First things first!!! Remember when I had the amazing Elizabeth Seckman over for a fun little interview and  giveaway? Yes, this is the one where we revealed our super secret double date with Thor and Gerard... (Sorry Tammy, he's mine!!!)  Well, Elizabeth was giving away a signed copy of one of her books (winners choice), and we finally have a winner!!!

Congratulations Leslie Rodriguez!!!

 I passed on your book choice to Elizabeth and the book is in the mail! ENJOY!

Now, I have to share some of the awesomeness from the LDS Storymakers Writing Conference last weekend. I'm sure you've seen tons of pictures, but don't miss out on mine! But first... let me give you my top 5 reasons to attend a writers conference.
  1. Motivation!!! Nothing gets your batteries recharged and your desire to finish that WIP like attending a conference!
  2. Friendships!!! Not only do you get to see all of your CP's and online buddies that you never get to see, but you also make new friends and build new relationships and networks. We all know that the writing community is the best. This is the perfect opportunity to meet even more of that community!
  3. Education!!! Obviously, you learn things. And even if it is stuff you already know, sometimes we need a refresher course. You'll either learn something new or remember something you forgot.
  4. Books & Authors!!! Not just books, but signed books! And how awesome is it to meet authors you love? Or possibly, become friends with an author you love? WHOOT!
  5. Opportunities!!! There is usually the opportunity to pitch your book to an agent or editor, take primer or boot camp courses, get feedback from the experts, and much, much more!!!
And here are some pictures from my favorite weekend of the year, so far! I love these people! And I'm bummed because I'm missing pictures of a few other fab peeps, but that's okay! Conferences are busy and wonderful!

Did I forget to mention that I was able to meet Orson Scott Card? Yeah! That doesn't happen everyday! AND, I also won a hashtag award where I won a new book, "Dynamic Characters", AND I was able to have dinner at the VIP table with all the agents and editors! It was unbelievably awesome! 

So tell me, what is one of your favorite reasons for attending writers conferences?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Do Books & Hair Have in Common?

Weird topic for the day? Maybe.

But I hang in there while I make my point. 

I recently colored my hair - again. I do this often, because honestly... I get bored. I used to change my hair up a lot more, but now I try to reign it in a bit so the elementary students I work with don't get completely distracted by my newest hair color.

You should hear the commotion when they come into the classroom or see me in the halls! All I did was go! Can you imagine if I went purple? ... or pink? These kids have no idea how mellow I'm being!

But, as many of you know, young kids are what we like to call... brutally honest!
I know you know what I'm talking about. They haven't quite figured out how to "put things nicely."

So what happened when I changed my hair? Most of the kids... "Oh! It's so pretty!", "I love it!" "You look so beautiful!" One 6th grade girl even made tiger claws and growled at me. LOL. This of course, all after they asked me if I dyed my hair. LOL. Obviously!

But then there are others. One girls looked at me for a minute, her deep thinker cap on, then said, "I like it better the other way." Or another one who cringed and said..."Why'd you do that?"

THE POINT: You can NEVER make EVERYONE happy!
I know you're saying, "Thanks for the happy thought, Leigh!", but you know it's true. And the sooner we come to terms with that, the better we are. Does that mean the bad reviews don't hurt? No. They suck. But there is always going to be someone out there who finds something to gripe about. Don't let them steal your momentum or your belief in yourself. Keep moving forward being proud of your work! Look at all the fantastic reviews and people who were touched by your writing! Those are people who needed to read that story. For whatever reason, you connected with them, and those are the people that matter. Not to mention - YOU!!!! Of course, we want our readers to be happy, but we write because we love it! So keep writing! Keep doing what you love and brush off the negative!
The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.
- William Shakespeare
Ever had this happen to you? How do you deal with it? Any words of wisdom to share?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


First off... good luck to all of those doing the A-Z challenge this year! I'm kind of bummed I won't be participating because I've had so much fun doing it in the past. Hopefully next year though!

For today, let me share a few books you ought to try and get your hands on:

First: KILLING RUBY ROSE by Jessie Humphries is a Kindle First Pick!!! Congrats Jessie!
So what does this mean? That you can read it FIRST on Kindle for FREE (if you're an Amazon Prime member) and $1.99 if you're not. Either way, that is a freaking awesome deal!!! 
May 1st is still the official release date, so you'll be able to get this book in paperback and audible in a month!!!

Also: SIDELINED by Kyra Lennon has been officially released! YAY KYRA! I'm so excited for this. I love Kyra's books and I'm excited to read book 3 of the Game On series!
The Blurb
At the age of twenty-one, Bree Collinson has more than she ever dreamed of. A handsome husband, a fancy house, and more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw and Imelda Marcos combined. But having everything handed to her isn’t the way Bree wants to live the rest of her life. When an idea to better herself pops into her head, she doesn’t expect her husband to question her, and keep her tied by her apron strings to the kitchen.

Isolated and unsure who to turn to, Bree finds herself falling back into a dangerous friendship, and developing feelings for the only person who really listens to her. Torn between her loyalty to her husband and her attraction to a man who has the perfect family she always wanted, she has some tough choices to make.

While Bree tries to figure out what she wants, a tragedy rocks the Westberg Warriors, triggering some dark memories, and pushing her to take a look at what’s really important.

I am so excited for both of these fabulous ladies! They are amazingly talented, and I will never complain about getting more fantastic reading material! BTW... I just finished CRESS by Marissa Meyer and it is PURE AWESOMENESS!!! I will do a review on this another day!

What sort of awesomeness is going on for you this week? Did you do anything special for April Fools Day?