Tuesday, August 7, 2012

GAME ON! by Kyra Lennon

I was lucky enough to find Kyra's blog, Write Here, Write Now... a while back. She is extremely brilliant and her blog posts are so much fun. So, when she asked me to read her book, GAME ON, I jumped at the chance. 

My assessment - A fun, sexy read with a dose of British humor you're going to love.

Plus, it has soccer people. SOCCER! Is there anything sexier than a soccer player? Yeah - I didn't think so. 

In honor of her book tour, I have a little interview with Kyra. You're going to love it! Here we go.

Hi Kyra! First off, congratulations on the release of your book, GAME ON! I had so much fun reading it and can't wait for the rest of the world to get their hands on it. What a sexy romance!

I'm excited you've agreed to answer some interview questions. Shall we get started?

1. Tell us a little about yourself (aside from writerly things) in 40 words or less.
I am a seaside loving girl from the South Coast of England! When I’m not writing, I’ll probably be hanging out with my friends in trendy cafes, reading, or catching up on entertainment news for my day job as a freelance writer.

2. What is your writing routine like? Do you stick to a schedule or write when you can?
I write when I can. I’m sure a schedule would be a good idea, but because I am a freelancer, I sometimes have to stop writing fiction so I can work on articles while the stories are there. I’m okay with that though. Either way, I get to write!

3. What was your favorite part about writing GAME ON?
So many things! I loved exploring the characters more than anything. Particularly Leah who has quite a surprising past. Another thing I loved was allowing Leah to be very British, and her slipping back into British slang at certain points, much to the confusion and amusement of her American friends!

4. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Oh, I still don’t know if I’m qualified enough to give advice yet lol! But one thing I would say for sure is to get involved in the blogging community because you will learn things there you probably wouldn’t pick up from general books about writing. You have to be prepared to put in the time, but it’s worth it because the support and advice of people who are more experienced will help you so much.
That, and don’t give up!

5. And I know you decided to self-publish, which I think will be great, since I know how much fun your book is. What made you decide to go Indie?
Mostly, it was about the time it takes. Game On has been written since 2006.When I made the decision to work on it again this year, I realized that, if I attempted to look for a traditional publisher, it could be at least one more year, but likely much, much longer before anyone got to read it. I figured it had been waiting around for long enough, so I took the plunge and published it myself!

Now, for a few chocolate chip questions...
6. What is your favorite writing food or drink and why?
I’m pretty boring in this area lol! I always need coffee first thing to get me started, but after that I mostly drink water while I’m writing. I try not to snack too much because I already have an ample writer’s butt! :p But if I do, it is usually some form of chocolate or cupcakes!

7. What are your favorite hobbies? (aside from writing, of course.)
One of my biggest hobbies is jewellery making. I discovered it late last year, and it is so much fun! I love all the different kinds of beads you can get, and I have spent a small fortune on them over the last few months.  I also love to read and I am borderline obsessed with watching the happenings in the WWE at the moment!

9. Let's pretend your hosting dinner for 3 authors. Who would they be and why?
Ooh, good question. J.K Rowling goes without saying lol. I chose her because I fell in love with Harry Potter in a way I had never fallen in love with a book before. Plus, joining Harry Potter forums to discuss the books in greater detail introduced me to some of my best friends, including the fabulous Clare Dugmore! So, I have quite the soft spot for J.K Rowling. I’d also like to meet Cecelia Ahern, author of P.S I Love You and many other incredible books. She has this amazing creativity and I’d love to talk to her about where her ideas come from. Finally – and I hope it’s okay to be completely unrealistic here – I’d love to have met Enid Blyton. I read her books when I was growing up, and I’m pretty sure she helped to inspire me to use my imagination!
You might find either of these covers for the book, so don't be confused. Aren't they great!
Here are places you can find GAME ON...

Thanks again Kyra! This has been so much fun!
Now everyone show Kyra some love!



Kyra Lennon said...

Eek, thank you very much for having me, Leigh! You are wonderful! <3

Mark Koopmans said...


Enid Blyton and Kyra Lennon mentioned in the same interview... Suh-weet :)

I LOVED reading EB when I was a kid and had man-tears when No. 1 Son watched Noddy for the first time... serious!!!

(Now I want to go back and read some more "Famous Five":)

Thanks for sharing Kyra with us, Leigh, and hey, Kyra, SUPER Success with the new book...

Game ON! :)

Clare said...

Leigh, these are fantastic questions, and Kyra your answers were excellent. :D

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd say your answer to number for was perfect!

Christine Rains said...

Wonderful interview and terrific advice. The blogging community is fabulous! I'd love to have lunch with Rowling too.

Suzi said...

Randy Orton, Kyra! Woo hoo! And OMG. Did you see the big wedding fiasco? I didn't know WWE did wedding drama. :)

So I'm curious if it is difficult to keep your British accent out of your writing? Or does it slip back in too?

Melissa Bradley said...

Terrific interview, ladies!

I would love to JK, too. HP opened up a whole new world not just at Hogwarts, but for people all over.

I have ample writers butt myself. LOL I'm trying get better about my snacking, but I can't abide water so Diet Pepsi is my poison when I write.

Chris Fries said...

Fun interview! Thanks for sharing, Kyra!

Tobi Summers said...

I feel like JK Rowling is a must at any writers' dinner, lol. Awesome interview!

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I'm disappointed. Talk of soccer players and no shirtless pic of David Beckham. This post fails. :P J/K

Emily R. King said...

Cecelia Ahern is a great choice! Nice getting to know you better, Kyra!

Talli Roland said...

Great interview, ladies. Love learning more about Kyra!

I really enjoyed Game On and recommend it to anyone looking for a fun read and a cracking hero.

Lisa Regan said...

Great interview! Congrats to Kyra! Wishing her big sales and lots of success!

Danielle B. said...

Loved this interview! Great questions! The one about the authors is my fav and some great picks too, Kyra!

Kyra Lennon said...

@Mark Koopmans – Haha, I never thought I’d ever see my name next to Enid Blyton’s! Noddy is fantastic! :D
@Clare – Thanks honey!
@Alex J.Cavanaugh – Thanks, Alex!
@Christine Rains – Let’s have lunch with Rowling together!
@Suzi – Hee hee, love me some Randy Orton! And yes, I caught all the wedding drama, it was fantastic! About keeping my accent out of writing – yeah, it was a challenge at first. Now I have a hard time keeping an American accent out of my British characters!
@Melissa Bradley – Yes, Harry Potter became so much more than just books!
@Chris Fries – Thanks!
@Tobi Summers – Lol yes, definitely!
@Michael Offutt – ROTFL! But, we’re not allowed to post photos on blogs anymore – unfortunately! A hot pic of David Beckham is always nice!
@Emily R. King – I really love Cecelia Ahern! :D
@Talli Roland – Thanks! You will know more about me than you’ll want to by the end of the tour LOL!
@Lisa Regan – Thank you so much!
@Danielle B – Thanks!!

Mama J said...

Great interview. I'm imagining that'd be quite a dinner party.

Angela Cothran said...

Love Kyra! Love Game On! And I love you too Leigh! Lots of love today :)

Nick Wilford said...

I enjoyed Leah's British slang too. It made me smile!

I'm sure Enid Blyton was a major inspiration for many of us growing up. She was for me, I even read the Malory Towers stuff! And Kyra was worried, as a man, I might not enjoy Game On! :D

Cortney Pearson said...

Such a great interview, and I'm stoked to read your book, Kyra!! :D I'd invite J.K. Rowling to dinner too...except then I'd be a COMPLETE mess the whole time. HOLY CRAP JO ROWLING IS AT. MY. HOUSE.

Carrie Butler said...

Woohoo! I can't wait to read Game On. Great interview, ladies! :D

Leslie S. Rose said...

So much fun to meet you Kyra. I enjoy your blog. Best of the best for GAME ON. I have a friend who has 4 daughters ALL on soccer scholarships. She HAS to read this.

Kyra Lennon said...

@Mama J – It certainly would be a fun party!
@Angela Cothran – Love you too, Angie!
@Nick Wilford – Glad you liked the slang, it was fun to write!
@Cortney Pearson – Haha, I would be a mess, too!
@Carrie Butler – Thanks Carrie, really appreciate your support!!
@Leslie S. Rose – Thanks so much! LOL, I think if your friend read Game On, she might not be so thrilled about those soccer scholarships!!

Peaches Ledwidge said...

Kyra, I guess we'll be on the same self-publishing path for one of the same reasons.on. I've been writing my manuscript for a while and just want to let go.

And I agree with the blogging community advice.

Patricia T. said...

Awesome interview with Kyra. I really enjoyed your review and will have to get a copy. I'm intrigued. Hope you sell a lot of books!

Lynda R Young said...

Chocolate is THE best writing food!
Great interview.

Nicole said...

Nice interview - thanks to you both!

Morgan said...

Looooove Kyra! So happy for all the shout outs in blogosphere right now! She's got a fab book and I hope everyone reads it ;)

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I must say, aside from terrific characters and a wonderful plot,it was the British slang that made me fall in love!

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