Friday, June 22, 2012

Elizabeth Seckman!

You probably know Elizabeth Seckman from her blog, Use Your Words. And hopefully you've heard that her book, Past Due, has recently been RELEASED! *cheers!*

Not only do I adore Elizabeth and her blog... she has a wonderful sense of humor!... but I wanted to get her over here to spill some of the beans about herself and her book!

So, lets begin!

Hi Elizabeth! First off, let me thank you for sharing on my blog! And congratulations on your book, PAST DUE!!! I know we're all excited about it's release! I have a few questions for you about it! Hope you don't mind if I ask, but it's so fun to hear this stuff from the author!

Thanks for inviting me over...and ask away...I'll answer any question but how much I weigh.
LOL! Don't worry - my mom taught me never  to ask a lady that question. I won't answer that one either!
1. What inspired you to write this story? Where did the idea come from?

My sister. For her 25th wedding anniversary, she asked for a story as her gift. Then like the bossy older sister that she is (I can get away with that because she never reads my blog!) she said she wanted the story on the Outer Banks during the time of the lighthouse move. So, to punish her, I gave Jenna my sister's personality. Artistic, secretive, and a horrible cook. 
BAHAHAHA! Okay, I'm laughing over the "punishing her part!" Great anniversary gift though!
2. Tell us a little bit about one of your favorite characters, and why they're your favorite.

Hands down...Maureen Austin. She's a short, chubby super-hero who bakes a mean batch of any kind of cookie your heart desires. She'd bail you out of jail, cook you dinner, and charge you nothing but a lecture. 
I like her already! I'll take her up on those cookies even for a lecture!
3. Briefly tell us about your journey to publication.
I wrote my first manuscript in like three months. On the 90th day, I typed THE END and hit print. I shoved the unedited behemoth into an envelope and shipped it off to one of the big six publishing houses where it undoubtedly suffocated in the slush pile. The fabulous writer, Dixie Browning, retired from writing in 2006. I sent her a note of objection and she told me publishing was serious business and she wanted to enjoy her golden years. From that moment on, I looked at it more logically. To learn a business, you study. I stopped trying to sell while I studied the craft and the trade. I didn't query again until last year when I felt like I knew enough to not look like an idiot. Again...eep.
I can totally relate! And obviously it paid off for you! YAY!
4. What is your writing routine like?
I write in the mornings. The best writing days are when I start about 9:00 am, then the back door slams and I'm like,'s after 3:00 and the kids are home from school! Those are good days. Even if my guys (I have four boys) make fun of me for being in my pj's all day long!

NOW... my chocolate chip questions! Hope you're ready! Okay, I won't be completely bizarre, but I love your blog! You are amazing and have a great sense of humor! So...

Hmm...sounds like you're saying you know I'm a nut, so nutty questions are fair game? Sheesh...I knew there was a reason I loved you so much!
LOL! See, this is why I love you! You're so much fun!
5. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

I'd have a super healing factor. I'm extremely un-athletic and a little on the passive side when it comes to confrontation...soooo,  helping my fellow super heroes without ever actually joining the fray would be perfect. And could I charge doctor's wages? I have a slew of kids to put through college!
Oooh! Good thinking!
6. You're going to outer space. (Don't ask me why, it's not important.) What is important is that you'll spend 3 months in a space ship, ALONE! What 3 things do you want with you? (And you can't pick family or pictures cause that's obvious!)
But I need to know why...I need to know my motivation!! Wait...I think I's a flipping vacation!!! I have four kids and a house full of critters that the boys SWORE they would take care of, but guess what? It's all me. Sigh. I'm packing my bags for space right now...I'm taking my toothbrush, my deodorant, and my laptop. On second thought, leave the toothbrush and I'll take some Snickers bars. Brain food, ya know. ;)
Yes! Don't forget the brain food! So much more important than the toothbrush. Especially if you're alone!
7. Now... since you're in outer space, perhaps you're scouting planets to create a new civilization on. Which one do you pick and why?
Venus. The planet of LOOOOVE. Come on, what else do you expect from a romance writer?
Awww! Venus. Really, there is nothing else to say, is there?
8. Okay, now share with us a favorite thought or quote.

I have lots of favorites, but the one that I have taped to my computer desk that influences my writing is by the comedienne, Tommy Smothers. "When you don't know what you're talking about, it's hard to know when you're finished."    I have a tendency to fall in love with my characters and their lives, so I have to remind myself NOT to meander there. Every chapter, every scene has to have a purpose.
Brilliant! I think I may need to learn from that as well.
9. And lastly, who OR what inspires you?

Has to be God. I've had the writing bug since before I wore a bra. 
When it was nothing but rejection after rejection, I'd pray...please God just make me content to keep the toilets clean....but the stories and the characters kept whispering in my ear. Taking the time to write when you don't know if it will ever amount to anything made me feel sooo guilty. It was my husband who encouraged me not to worry about it. He would say, "Even if you never sell and it's only a hobby, it's something you love and enjoy, so do it." Yeah, I'm a lucky girl.

Do you think he could meet up with my hub and have a heart to heart? He needs to worry less about the toilets and let me write more! LOL! You are a lucky girl!
Thanks again Elizabeth! By the way, can I call you Liz? hmmm. I hardly ever call anyone by there first name. It's weird, I suppose, but I can't help it. You're amazing and congrats again on your book!
An equally amazing gal like you can call me whatever you want! A lot of people shorten my name to Liz. And ya know, it's funny, most people shorten names, I extend them. My husband's name is Chad, but I renamed him Chadwicki Spolicki when we were dating. Writers...such odd creatures. 
That is AWESOME! I actually just go with whatever they don't go with. So if they want me to call them "Kim" it's automatically, Kimmy or Kimberly or Kimberina! But if they go by Kimberly I change it as well. *sigh* It's a curse.
Thanks a million LIZ!  This has been so much fun! I am so excited about your book, so lets share the blurb!
Jenna Austin is a young, widowed artist raising a teenage son on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. As the costs of living in paradise rise, she struggles to make ends meet. Life isn't easy, but she manages. When her car breaks down, she trudges on. She assumes life can't get any more complicated than it is. But it can... Chance brings her nose to well-formed chest with Tres Coulter, the handsome, affluent aid to Governor Hunt. Jenna and Tres share a history; they also share a love they thought long lost. Their lives are about to be altered forever as the deceptions of the past transform the very foundation of the present. The price of happily ever after may be too steep to pay once the past comes due. 
Also... here are some helpful links for you to find Elizabeth AND her book!


Kyra Lennon said...

Yay for Elizabeth! I fell in love with her the first time I read her blog, and the love affair continues! :D

Annalisa Crawford said...

Great interview.

I love days spent in my PJs - I always write so much better!

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Enjoyed this! Especially the part about not meandering in your characters' lives - a great reminder for me as well. :)

Suzi said...

That's funny. Punishing her sister by writing her into the story.

Great idea!

I'll have to go check out Elizabeth's blog now.

Emily R. King said...

I had no idea you wrote PAST DUE for your sister. Elizabeth, you're a hoot.

Thanks for the interview ladies!

Carrie Butler said...

I loved this interview! It was great getting to know Elizabeth better. :D

Cassie Mae said...

Elizabeth is one of my favorite people! I'd take a Snickers over a toothbrush too. :)

Oh and Leigh... can you photoshop me into that picture with Hugh Jackman??? I'm dying over here.

elizabeth seckman said...

@Kyra~ love you too lady!
@Annalisa~ isn't it though? (And now that I'm published, it falls under quirky behavior rather than lazy slob! Yay! The perks of publication!)
@Madeline~ I guess it's not such a bad thing that we love them, but still they have work to do!
@Suzi~ thanks for the check out. Just updated. Keep forgetting my blog is set on Pacific; I'm one Eastern, so my auto-posts are always messed up. Morning fresh at 11:00 am!
@Emily~ that's cause you don't know her...she lets everyone know it's her story.
@Carrie~ thanks and right back at ya!
@Cassie~ loves to you too! And Leigh, since we're photo shopping...can I have a Liz and Thor tryst? Thanks much!


Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

What a great interview. Leigh, you always ask awesome questions. I like the relationship she has with her sibling.

elizabeth seckman said...

@Michael- being a little sister has taught me to be very passive aggressive ;)

Samantha said...

What a fun interview! I'm with her, I'd take some snickers bars to space too.


Deana said...

I'm in my pjs now:) Great interview!!!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Love the interview. Congrats on getting published Lizzie and thanks for interviewing her Leigh. Everyone needs to know how great she is.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Fun interview. And dang those toilets. I usually keep mine up as I'm using them. You don't necessarily have to clean the whole thing all at once as long as it gets cleaned regularly. lol

Jolene Perry said...

YAY Elizabeth!!!!!!!

Way fun interview!

elizabeth seckman said...

@Samantha- gotta love a girl with good taste :)
@Deana- Me TOO! Jinx.
@Miss Sheena- you are da bomb
@Donna- I live with five men. I clean the toilet every time I go into the bathroom. grr.
@Jolene- thanks lady!

Andrew Leon said...

Thanks for stopping by and supporting me in the Star Wars thing over at Briane's blog. It was much appreciated!

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