Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lara Schiffbauer Takes the Stage!

I have to make a quick note... I finished EVERNEATH over the weekend and OH.MY.GOSH! It is wonderful. I'm dying here! So, if you haven't read it yet, and would like the chance, be sure to enter my giveaway HERE. The contest closes Friday so don't forget to get entered!

Now... I am SO excited to have Lara Schiffbauer here today! She has graciously agreed to participate in one of my interviews and I'm so glad. This girl is a blogging queen! I swear, when I first found her blog, not long ago, she only had a few followers. NOW... she's almost got her first 100! That's incredible. And once you visit her blog, "Lara Schiffbauer's Motivation for Creation," you'll understand why she is growing so fast. Plus - she is a wonderful blogging friend!

Lets jump right in to the questions!

1.    1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, in 40 words or less.
I am a writer, a licensed clinical social worker, mother of two little boys, dreamer, optimist, and science geek. I wish I could write science-fiction, but I’m not that intellectual!

2. How long have you been writing, and what made you decided to be a writer?
I began writing “seriously” three years ago this coming April.  I started writing because I needed a creative outlet, but also because I don’t think I can be a social worker for the rest of my life!  I decided to meld the need for a different career, flexibility in output because of my young children, and being creative together and try writing.

3. What genre and age group do you write?
My first novel is adult contemporary fantasy, as is my story Bear Hug, which is slated to be published from Feb. 5th through 18th at Hogglepot.  However, I have had short stories published in the horror genre, as well.

4. Tell us a little about your current WIP.
Finding Meara is about a woman, Hazel Michelli, whose entire world is turned upside down when she is mistaken for the half-sister she didn’t know she had, and kidnapped from her Denver apartment.  Taken to a parallel world where magic and monsters are real, she escapes with the help of an unusual cat and begins the race to find four year old Meara herself, and save them both from being sacrificed. Obviously I haven’t written a synopsis yet, so I hope that made sense!

5. What part of the writing process are you in?
I am editing Finding Meara, and beginning to plot my next novel.  I just completed a flash fiction blog challenge in January that I used to introduce myself to the characters and am pretty excited to move on to the actual story development.

6. How long have you been blogging & what's your favorite part of blogging?
I have been blogging on Blogger since Nov. 2010, so a little over a year.  My favorite part is getting comments.  I admit it.  I love getting to know like-minded people through the comments feature.  Secondary to that, I obsess over stats, just because I can’t believe people actually come to read my blog!

Now my chocolate chip questions. These are the fun little morsels - that I like to add!

7. If you could take a trip in a time machine, would you go to the past or future - and why?
Totally the past, because I have no desire to know the future, especially if I had to go back to my own time with the knowledge of what the future held.  I think it would be a very heavy burden.  I would hate to be a clairvoyant.

8. If you could be a literary character for a day, who would you be, and why?
I don’t know if it is exactly literary, but I would choose Anita Blake – I want to meet Jean-Claude.  I’m not into the whole vampire thing, but I do have a crush on Jean-Claude.

9. If you were a superhero - what super power would you have?
I always wanted to be Storm from the X-Men.  The ability to control the weather always seemed so cool, plus be a street criminal and a kick-butt fighter.  Wow.

10. Tell us a favorite quote of yours.
There are so many! I love quotes, and use them a lot to lead into blog posts.  I just referenced the one by Ray Bradbury “You must stay drunk on writing, so reality can’t bite you in the (backside).”  That one kind of says it all for me.  Reading and writing are both ways I escape reality, and I’d love to be able to provide an escape for other people.

 She's so awesome, right? And I agree with Lara, Storm is so cool! It would be fun to be able to control the weather. I could make it rain whenever I wanted and it would never snow! Whoot-whoot!

If you haven't had the opportunity to visit Lara's blog, be sure to hop over. You won't regret it. And you can find her on twitter too!

Thanks for sharing with us today, Lara! It's been a blast!


Kyra Lennon said...

Finding Meara sounds fantastic!

Laura Marcella said...

Great interview, Lara and Leigh! When I was a kid and played X-Men with my brothers, I was always Storm! I agree that her powers are super cool. :)

Have a great week!

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

But ma petite, if you were to visit at the Circus of the Damned, how would you choose between Jason, Jean-Claude, the beautiful Asher, or to protect the poor were-creatures who are only submissive and cannot protect themselves? Methinks Anita Blake would be overwhelming to you ma petite UNLESS you too could be a powerful necromancer. tsk tsk

But I digress.

Great interview. I stopped reading Laura K. Hamilton after Anita became a super raging slut around abouts Narcissus in Chains...though I did finally return for another Edward novel "Skin Trade". I love me some Edward. Olaf is way too creepy.

Katie Dodge said...

Nice to get to know you a little, Lara!

Jenny S. Morris said...

Nice interview. Her books sounds super interesting!

Angela Cothran said...

Super fun interview! I love that Ray Bradbury quote :)

inluvwithwords said...

Fun interview. Thanks for the sneak peek at Finding Meara. I'm intrigued.

Morgan said...

Fun to have Lara here today! Thanks, Leigh! Fun interview... and EVERNEATH... can't waaaait to read ;) And Finding Meara sounds fab too :D

Carrie Butler said...

You know, that's a good point about the future. I never thought about it that way! :) Great interview!

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Thank you so much, Leigh, for having me over for an interview. It was so much fun to answer your questions, and to talk about Finding Meara. I haven't done that a lot!

Kyra - thank you so much. I'm hoping it's a keeper. :)

Laura - Thanks! Storm is the way to go. I love that they used Halle Berry in the movies. She was like the human incarnate of Storm

Michael - You have read more than me! I got tired of the angst about five books in. I also didn't want her to go breaking Jean Claude's heart, so I bailed. And I thought if I got to be a character for the day, I'd get the powers, too! I do some you-know-what kicking of my own! ;)

Katie - thanks!

Jenny - Doesn't Leigh do the best interviews? It's always so warm and friendly over here!

Angela - Thanks! That Ray Bradbury quote save my writing sanity some times. When having doubts, go write!

In Luv and Morgan - I'm glad to have people (besides my husband :)) say Meara sounds interesting. You just never know, ya' know?

Carrie - Thanks on two counts, for the compliment and for joining up at my blog! I really appreciate it!

Ciara said...

Nice to meet you, Lara. I love all things sci-fi also, but too scared to write it. :) What a glowing recommendation of your book. :)

L.G.Smith said...

I wouldn't want to be clairvoyant either. You'd never be surprised in your life. And I'm a history nut, so I'd go back in time too.

Good luck with the revising and plotting!

Stacy S. Jensen said...

Your intereviews are always so fun Leigh. Glad to learn more about Lara. Totally agree on the time machine answer!

David P. King said...

Lara rocks. You put here and Leigh together and you have a powerhouse. I really like the premise of your novel, too! :)

Li said...

I like the idea of chocolate chip questions :-) Entertaining interview!

Janice said...

Great interview, Leigh and Lara. I'm going to pop over to Lara's blog now, because I need some blogging motivation :).

Leigh, I'll have to buy a copy of Everneath.

Trisha said...

Lara is definitely one of my favourite new "blogger discoveries" ;) Loved the interview! And I agree about not wanting to know the future. Unless I got to stay there & didn't have to go back to my time again :D

i'm erin. said...

Wow, I've never met this Lara, and NOw I'm really excited about her. I love the choco chip questions. You're great Leigh!

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Ciara - I tried to write Sci-fi, but I don't think it was original enough. The character was great, though. I still love him!

L.G. - being a history person, you could do some great research, going into the past. :)

Stacy - You're not sick of me yet? ;)

David - Wow - you think I rock!? That is so cool! I don't think anyone has ever said that about me before. Thanks! (and I'm glad you think my premise has promise!)

Li- Leigh has some of the best, most fun questions!

Janice - I hope you found something motivating, or at least interesting! ;)

Trisha - Aw, thanks! I am so happy I found all you guys. The admiration is mutual, for sure. :)

Hi, Erin! I'm glad I piqued your interest! Come to think of it, it's probably not so much me, as Leigh's wonderful interview questions, though.

And finally, thanks again to Leigh for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed. Today has been such a fun and exciting day for me, and very much appreciated! :)

Kelley said...

Great interview you two!

I had the pleasure of reading the first chapter of Finding Meara and I LOVE it.

And I agree, I'd go to the past. No need to see what's in the future. I'd rather just live ;)

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Thanks again, Kelley! I finally read your comments, and you make some great suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to look it over. :)

Cassie Mae said...

Oh I love Lara! She's one of those people I get all excited over when i see she's commented on my blog or she's posted something.

Storm rocks!

Comments are the best!

And I'm a future girl, but the past would be alright too ;)

Great interview ladies!

Mark Koopmans said...

Rushes in and slams the door.... oh pooooP... I'm late.... darn.

Hi Lara (and Leigh:)

OMG woman, seriously... you go gaga for the stats, *too* :)

So awesome to hear you decided to branch out and follow your creative spirit...

I'm only jealous cos with your background, you are going to come up with some amazing characters :)

Thanks Leigh - another 10.0 interview :)

Cindy Keen Reynders said...

Nice interview!

elizabeth seckman said...

Social worker knuckle bump Lara. My license sits in my file cabinet as a fall back plan should my writing career fail.
Best of luck to you!

Joanna said...

Great interview Leigh and Lara! Lara - love your honesty about comments and stats on the blog - I suspect we all love these! : "Finding Meara" sounds an intriguing read!

Hope Roberson said...

Great interview ladies :) I love both your blogs!

Patricia T. said...

Great interview with Lara. Lara, I like your discipline. You novel sound very interesting. Glad to know something about you!

Jolene Perry said...

Awesome! Thanks for another great interview :-D

Nicole Mc said...

Great interview!! :) (Love the blog header!!)

Stacy Henrie said...

Love these interviews. Great job, Leigh and Lara!

Emily R. King said...

Lara, you're awesome! Storm, Anita Blake, and adult contemporary fantasy? Great interview.

Jessie Humphries said...

Great interview, nice to meetcha Lara! Leigh, OMG I missed you on my little get away. I saw the pictures of LTUE and I am so dang jealous!

Cortney Pearson said...

Great interview! I barely "met" Lara recently, and I'm so glad I did! :)

Kelley Vitollo said...

Great interview, ladies!

Coleen Patrick said...

Super interview--I love that Bradbury quote!!

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Back at you, Cassie! I love your blog, as do so many others!

Thanks, Mark! Yes, I am a stat-o-holic. For a while there, I thought I might need an intervention.

Thanks, Cindy, for coming over and reading it!

Elizabeth - I am SOOOO jealous! I only wish I could put my license in a drawer. Maybe someday...

Thanks, Joanna! I think I just felt my self-confidence increase a little!

Thanks so much Hope! Yours is one I read regularly, too!

Thanks to Patricia, Jolene, Nicole and Stacy for such positive comments!

Thank you Emily - I think that's why I gravitate to your blog - kindred spirits and all.

Nice to meet you too, Jessie and Cortney!

Thanks, Kelley!

Thanks, Coleen. That quote totally cracked me up the first time I read it, but then kind of settled into a "heck, yeah!"

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Great interview, Leigh and Lara! It was nice getting to know you a little. I'll have to look for Everneath!

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview and an equally awesome superhero you've chosen. Somehow, whipping up a tornado on a neighbor's house sounds so frightening a power to behold!

Lara Schiffbauer said...

Sorry, Susanna and Jack, I didn't know you commented, but thank you so much for doing so! Part of my love of Storm I think does come from wanting to be able to control the weather. Growing up, I was so afraid of tornados!

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