Thursday, December 15, 2011

Check It Out...

I obviously can't enter to "WIN" the "Wrap It Up" Bloghop, but I still wanted to participate. My story, "O' Christmas Tree" is posted HERE! Hop over and check it out. While you're at it. Check out these other awesome entries. (I have decided this is going to be MAJORLY hard judging.) I have loved everything I have read so far. You guys have submitted some great stuff.

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This list will close in 1 day, 15 hrs, 12 min (12/16/2011 11:59 PM CST)

What is a blog hop?
Get the code here...
 Also... if you haven't seen it... Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting a Holiday Contest on her blog! Susanna is the author of several wonderful children's picture books. What do you do for this
Write your own version of Clement C. Moore's traditional poem, 'Twas The Night Before Christmas!  Entries must be at least 12 lines/3 stanzas, not to exceed 40 lines/10 stanzas. (The original is much longer... we know!)
Post your entry between December 19th and December 22nd. 3 finalists will be chosen to vote for on December 26th. The winner gets a $15 Amazon gift card!
Cool right?
Also... I have a fabulous interview from Susanna HERE. Be sure to check it out. She is truly amazing. I love having the opportunity to learn from authors who "know!"

Have you entered any contests lately or is the Christmas season consuming you? I won't lie... this week is crazy-hectic for me!



J. A. Bennett said...

It's been a crazy week for me too! Off to read your entry :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

Crazy-hectic, indeed! I'm probably going to have to go to the post office to mail the prize from my contest tomorrow. TOMORROW! That was I thinking?

David P. King said...

I'm headed there, like, now! :)

E.R. King said...

I would have loved to enter this blog hop, but my heart just wasn't in it. Revisions are kicking my butt right now. I'm hoping a break away from blogging will give me the time I need to get back into my groove.
Merry Christmas!

Patricia T. said...

Sounds like its been crazy for everyone. Have you in my google now-- I've missed so many of your blogs and haven't responded. They look good, too. Congratulations on your brother getting married.

Angela Cothran said...

Have an awesome Christmas break Abby...sorry for the slip. You will always be Abby to me :)

Jolene Perry said...

You are like a super-blogger, lol.

There's SO MUCH going on here!!

eva fhadilah said...

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